These are so tasty and highly addictive - we recommend making them to share with friends. 


1 block dark chocolate (we prefer a lindt 90%) 

1 tbsp of coconut oil

1/2 cup of nut butter (we prefer almond)

2 tbsp Golden Grind Hot Chocolate blend 

1 tbsp agave

1 tbsp almond meal 

Himalayan sea salt to top 


1. Simply melt the chocolate with coconut oil on stove top

2. Spoon the melted chocolate mixture in to a mini cupcake tray, spreading the chocolate up the sides as you go

3. Place the tray into the fridge to cool the chocolate. 

4. In a bowl, mix together nut butter, Golden Grind Hot Chocolate blend, agave and almond meal. 

5. Depending on how oily the nut butter is, you may need to add a dash of coconut oil to moisten the mixture.

6. Once the chocolate has cooled in the fridge, spoon in the filling mixture into the mini cupcake tray, created a layered effect. Don't fill to the top. 

7. With the remaining melted chocolate, spoon over the top of the filling to create a lid. Sprinkle with sea salt and place back in the fridge to set. 

8. Once set, these delights are ready to go! 

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