It's not coffee.

Red espresso is packaged as pre-ground Rooibos tea, pods and capsules, and can be made on all coffee appliances, such as espresso machines, stovetop espresso makers, drip filter machines, Nespresso machines and French press.

Promoted as "An Espresso Made from Tea", red espresso is made from naturally caffeine-free Rooibos tea leaves that have been ground finer to work on a coffee appliance. When expressed, it has a strong colour and flavour, coated with a crema, just like coffee. It is used to make cappuccinos, lattes and iced teas.

There are many ways that you can enjoy Red Espresso.  Try a Red Cappuccino or Latte, Iced Tea or use it to create a healthy dessert.  Naturally caffeine-free and packed with 5 x more antioxidants than Green tea and 10 x more antioxidants than regular Rooibos tea, it's the perfect drink for the entire family.   


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