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The food and drink you put into your body is important but that is not the only thing that matters.  Getting active, staying active and taking care of your mind and soul is equally important. With that being said, we wanted to share the following.

How do you find inspiration?

A lot of us find inspiration in different ways and places. Inspiration is created by you. The work you put into your everyday craft is the very thing that should bring you inspiration.
Those times you work hardest when you don’t want to work at all are the very moments you find the most inspiration. It is very important to find those tasks that you don’t want to do and dive straight into them.
When you have done something so amazing in your life, all you truly want to do is sit back and relish in the accomplishment. The problem with that is that there is too much out here in this world yet to accomplish. If you sit back too long, you might just let opportunity pass you by! There is a very fine line between getting back after it too soon or not soon enough. Only you know where that fine line is!
Losing your hunger by having a full belly from accomplishment leads to a “good enough” mindset. Hunger is fed by doing the things that people dread- the hours and hours of grinding when you don’t want to grind whether it be in school, on the pavement, hitting the iron, etc. It’s in that dread that character and callousness is built.
You see it is never about winning because each individual, whether they know it or not, is in their own race against themselves. You must be willing to outwork yourself. Whatever you believed was your limit, you have to be willing to find more!
What are you doing today that will make you that 1% better than yesterday?

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