We've got Coffee...

Our recent trip to Canberra took us to a coffee shop located on the side of the river, it was freezing and we needed something to warm us up.  We opted for an Almond Decaf F/W.  Now, for anyone looking to drink less caffeine, it's always tricky to find a good Decaf - something that does not taste like burned hot water.  In comes Seven Miles Coffee roast... The rest was history.

We bought a bag of Decaf beans to take home with us and absolutely fell in love with the taste.  

The challenge with decaffeinated coffee is to provide sufficient body and coffee characteristics through roasting to compensate the lack of caffeine. Seven Miles decaffeinated beans are an outstanding example of the roaster art and this decaf is a full bodied and complex blend.  It passed through the Swiss Water Process, that uses only water and carbon filters to remove the caffeine without and harsh chemicals or petroleum substances. This means that Seven Miles Decaf blend is 100% chemical free.


For those who are not ready to give up their caffeine yet, we also stock the following Seven Mile Roasts;


- Belaroma Octavia

- Burundi Yandaro 

- Colombia Montes Tatama


Visit our online shop to find out more.


Enjoy your coffee.  

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