Seven Miles - Brazil Santa Terezinha Filter Roast

Seven Miles - Brazil Santa Terezinha Filter Roast

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Founded in 1904, the Fazenda Santa Terezinha coffee estate in Brazil’s mountainous Mantiqueira region is not your typical Brazilian coffee farm.

Following in the over 115 year family tradition, William de Alencar Reis Batista insists on selectively handpicking the coffee grown on the farm - a process which has been completely replaced by machine harvesting elsewhere in Brazil.

Ripe coffee cherries are then delivered to the farm’s processing centre, where it is pulped. Then, parchment and remaining mucilage is laid to dry in a parabolic dryer. Parchment is turned frequently to ensure even drying.

This results in a coffee with a bright citrus sweetness with a notes of toffee & warm spices.

Producer: Sitio Santa Terezinha
Varietals: Red Catuaí
Process: Honey
Tasting Notes: Lime, Toffee, Star Anise
Suggested Espresso Recipe: 20.5g in / 40g out / 22-26 sec