Seven Miles - Colombia Montes Tatama Filter Roast

Seven Miles - Colombia Montes Tatama Filter Roast

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The Velez family have been keen to push the boundaries of coffee flavour on this already award winning farm.

The farm itself borders Colombia’s Tatamá national park high in the Andes mountains. This unique microclimate contributes greatly to the quality of coffee produced, however they are determined to do everything they can to bring out the best in their coffees with meticulous hand picking and selection and also by experimenting with new processing techniques.

This particular lot has been processed using the Anaerobic Fermentation method - in simple terms, Anaerobic processing involves fermenting the ripe coffee cherries in an oxygen-free environment for up to 60 hours.

Allowing the coffee to ferment in an oxygen-free vat allows a much longer fermentation time than traditional processing, which accentuates the unique red fruits & dark chocolate flavours of this coffee.

These distinctive flavours make this coffee ideal for brewing some next level filter coffee or for offering a completely unique single origin espresso.

Producer: Montes Tatamá / Juan & Ana Velez
Varietals: Yellow Caturra, Castillo
Process: Anaerobic Ferment
Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, Almond, Maraschino Cherry
Suggested Espresso Recipe: 22g In / 38g Out / 26-30 Seconds